Southampton Apprenticeships

Southampton City Council commissioned us to film a series of case studies on a variety of current and previous apprentices, who completed or will complete their qualifications in the city. The 10 featured apprentices came from all different backgrounds and worked in different sized companies across Southampton, in a variety of industries.

The four day shoot was spent filming in numerous locations, from the docks to the General Hospital. They each undertook a apprenticeship; from care, hospitality and architecture in partnership with a Southampton based training provider.

The council later on asked if we could design and create a set of posters to showcase the film at the Southampton Apprenticeships Launch. We designed six high quality posters from stills taken whilst on the shoot, which ended up being shown in the Mayor’s reception room during the event.


Chapelgate Films have done a tremendous job in putting together this video and acting in tandem with our new Access Southampton website these new initiatives will contribute significantly to our ambition of creating a minimum of 6,600 new apprenticeships in the city over the next three years.

The final films will be published later on this year on a new website for young people in Southampton, featuring information about different education and career paths, with links to Southampton jobs and apprenticeships.

The council wanted the films to be targeted at young people who may try an apprenticeship, without putting off by going to university, so we had to make sure the films were equally aimed at apprenticeships in general, rather than just promoting them. The staff at the council loved the idea of us then creating an online interactive package to be placed on the same website, which later on this year will be used in schools as an educational tool for careers staff, tutors and students.

To launch the films, we organised a special screening at Harbour Lights Southampton, where we showed the final videos to some of the apprentices, employers and training providers who helped us during the filming process.

apprenticeships film launch at Harbour Lights      apprenticeships poster website