Rapid Bridging: Client Testimonials

In July we were approached by Rapid Bridging to create online video content for their website. The company provides bridging loans for commercial, development and residential purposes. In the process of building a new website, they wanted video content to go on it. It was decided that they wanted some testimonial videos from their satisfied clients, as well as some presenter lead studio films to inform visitors and direct them around their new website.

Our first shoot day was an early start; we set off from Southampton at 6:30 am, with a car boot full of kit. By 10 am we were filming our first testimonial on a business park just outside Sandwich in Kent. For a successful testimonial video you need to set the scene, and create a back story so that the viewer can clearly see the journey from problem to solution. A testimonial should be a glowing reference, so you need to make it clear why the customer to recommending you, sincerely. You could have an actor read out a customer’s testimonial but it will never be as good as the real thing.

Our next shoot was over in Chingford, Essex where we met another satisfied client. It is important that your testimonials come from different characters with different circumstances. A range of experiences will appeal to a broader audience. A couple of days later, we drove to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk to complete our trio of testimonials.

Happy with the resulting edits, Rapid Bridging then asked for some informative films, again for the website. They didn’t want too much text cluttering up their new site so a professional presenter reading from a script was a way of conveying a lot of information in a way that is easy to digest. We shot these against the green screen in our Totton studio, and after all the driving from the shoots were glad this one was closer to home! If you would like to use your best customers to advertise your business please contact us.

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