Green Light: The Solar Experts

We were asked by a team of electricians from Ringwood, Southampton, to produce a collection of films for Green Light Electrical Installations. As an independent electrical company, we wanted to create a film which would make them stand out. Our aim was to showcase their installation work in an innovative way, so we partnered with a camera drone operator to achieve aerial shots of the houses Green Light had worked on.

On the shoot itself, we visited three houses over the period of a day. As Nick wouldn’t let us on the roof (health and safety!), we used Alex from Droid Cam and his aerial drone to get a birds-eye view on the solar panels. On the ground we spoke to happy customers and gathered our cutaways to illustrate what was being said in the voiceover. During the afternoon, the clouds started rolling in and after diving back in the van for five minutes due to the rain we were back underway. We were both really happy with how the shoot went, and Alex’s goggles meant that Nick and Kelvyn could see in real time the footage we were getting from above.


Thanks for a fun day of shooting.

Creating an instructional video like this, means that they can be seen as experts on the subject on Youtube. The logo in the corner means that if somebody copies the film onto their website, it can always be traced back to Green Light. How-to videos like this are an effective way of marketing your company as the message isn’t too sales driven.

To see more of Alex’s work visit Droid Cam’s website.