Saga Charitable Trust: Thank You

We were approached by Saga to come up with a film to thank customers who donated to their Typhoon Haiyan appeal. Over 500 customers donated on and off the ship, to raise funds for crew directly affected by the disaster.

We met up with two crewmen on board and filmed two of the toughest interviews we’ve ever had to record. It was heart breaking hearing Ronald recount the story of losing his family, and it took a lot of bravery on his part to bring it back up again.

After we got back and reviewed the footage one crucial part which we believed was missing was footage after the typhoon struck, so we liaised with Magsaysay, the manning agency in the Philippines to hire a local film crew, to get footage directly from the Philippines, including interviews with some of the crew members’ families in their homes.

They sent the footage over by USB to our office in 48 hours- which was tracked online. Watching a USB stick fly between China, Germany, and Scotland to our office was exciting.

This footage then needed translating, which was done by a brother of a waiter on board who lives in the UK. After adding some additional stills in all the footage was then edited together, reviewed and published.

The film’s now being used in a variety of formats, online and in physical form. 550 DVDs of the film were sent out to all the people who donated to the fund, the film was displayed on cruise ships and the film was also published online.