Jamie’s Computers


Jamie’s Computers is the computer recycling social enterprise arm of The Society of St James; Southampton’s largest homeless charity, providing housing, care and support to homeless and vulnerable people. By donating your old computer equipment to Jamie’s you can help to change peoples lives or pick up a bargain on refurbished equipment.


The result is excellent. Everyone who has seen our film have commented on the professional production and overall effectiveness of it and without exception who produced it? Thank you so much!

As we pulled up on the Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate, on a sunny Monday morning in April, the first thing that came across was the size of the operation. Unit 32, where the guys are based, is a huge industrial space, with a smart branded van parked out the front.

After a cup of tea and finding a room to store our kit, we wasted no time in getting the cameras rolling. David Powell, the manager, took us on a guided tour to show the entire process from when a computer arrives at Jamie’s to when it is sold to the public. The interviews were prompted but a lot of it was done off the cuff as we filmed the staff whilst on the job.

The whole place was extremely well organised. The staff were friendly and everyone knew exactly what they had to be working on. With 10 years handling some major companies, including B&Q and local councils, the key to their success was clear, from data purging to ethical recycling everything was done to the highest possible standard. As David says in the film, a computer to Jamie’s “is like a pig to a butcher” with nothing going to waste.